A Bike Fit that Honors the Rider

Time Trial bike fit. Triathlon bike fit. Mountain bike fit. Road bike fit. Cyclocross bike fit. 

"After being fit by Joe on my new Orbea, the rides are much more comfortable with no seat, lower back, or neck discomfort. I feel as if I have more power to climb hills with recovery coming much quicker due to the fact the bike fits me and not the other way around."
- Mark A. Rau, Competitive Cyclist

The Rider Comes First
My method for bike fit first takes into consideration how the rider is built, how they move, joint range of motion, and all strengths and weaknesses. Once we have a solid working knowledge of who will be powering the machine, we then go to work on creating a symbiotic relationship between the two. 

There are no absolutes. Comfort is typically a must for most endurance athletes. Don't accept a fit that forces you into a combination of angles and measurements yet leaves you wanting off the bike due to being uncomfortable. 

Biomechanics Session Cost: $100 / hour

Prepayment is required for all appointments. Please use the button below to pay, then Contact us to reserve your spot.