Gassy Goat 25K
October 6, 2018
a Tejas Trails event
Flat Rock Ranch, Comfort TX

About the Course

This is a HARD and CHALLENGING course NOT designed for your first trail race. It's suggested that you have at least run the distance prior to running the GG. The course is slow with a lot of OFF TRAIL uphill slogging. If you can go faster than 4 miles an hour on this course, you should consider turning pro. 

This is not a beginners trail event. If you like the mountains, very tough terrain, rocks, cactus, and risking your life for glory, then you will dig this course. 
Trail shoes will save your life. Road shoes will easily solidify your demise.

Three different loops each around 5 miles will bring you to the one and only aid station/start/finish.
Each 5 mile loop can easily take 60-90 mins and possibly even up to 2 hours.
CARRY WATER and pack A BUNCH. Our suggestion is to plan for at least 24 ounces per hour.



first 10 miles of the Gassy Goat 25k has 2000' of climbing and 2000' of descent

*** 1st Place men & women receive a pair of trail running shoes (brand to be announced) ***

*** Tailwind Nutrition will be on the course at all aid stations and start/finish ***

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