EMG Running Assessment

watch the video above to see emg in use

EMG is the recording of the electrical activity of muscles and is a means of physical exploration and testing the integrity of the motor system. Electromyographic analysis can provide a basis for optimal positioning of the exercise or movement pattern assessed. 

What You Get

  • EMG analyzation of firing patterns allows us to identify muscle weakness and imbalances
  • real-time firing patterns of chosen movement
  • kinetic chain integration as well as implementation of corrective exercises and revised movement patterns


Running Gait

By assessing your stride phases, determining joint angles, and studying slow motion video, we provide a detailed analysis and details on how to improve your running efficiency. We take into consideration not only your running form but also how you move in general. 

What You Get

  • Gait analysis with wireless EMG technology to sequence firing patterns
  • Slow motion video capture of running form and analyzation of biomechanics
  • Initial impact, peak knee flexion, and peak hip extension angles all determined
  • sagital and frontal analysis provide a complete report of your current gait

Slow Motion Video

integrating the kinetic chain

Using slow motion video we can identify inefficiencies that aren't possible at typical running speeds. From vertical displacement to upper body energy loss, slow motion video allows us to find flaws that can lead to injury and poor performance.

What You Get

  • using a treadmill and/or road, you will run with your normal gait while we capture video
  • together we review the video and analyze the various phases of your gait
  • this will provide insights that will allow you to clean up any "energy leaks"


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