Train Smarter with Personalized Zones


VO2 testing is the only way to truly find out what your physiology is going through when you workout.

Are you burning primarily fat or carbs? At what point do you start producing lactate? Those are important questions if you want to stay on the healthy side of training and make the most out of each training minute.

Train your body to burn fat for fuel

Our test reveals the point you stop burning fat for fuel, otherwise known as your anaerobic threshold. We correlate that event with your heart rate and determine ideal training zones which will keep you healthy and getting faster each season.

Become faster with less fatigue

Q: How long is the test?
A: 10-15 mins for most individuals.

Q: What will I gain from the data?
A: Personalized heart rate zones and suggestions on how to improve your current training.

Q: How is your test different from the tests offered in my gym?
A: Experience. I've performed over 500 tests in the last 13 years and can be certain you will have the most accurate assessment of your current ability.

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