Science Based Bike Fit

We believe that cyclists shouldn't succumb to predetermined angles and fits. The way you move determines the way you will interact with your bike. By evaluating how you move, we can help you better integrate with your bike. 


Finding More Power

Creating more power comes from optimal muscle firing patterns. Finding the sweet spot requires reading the muscles themselves. Thankfully that's exactly what we do! Using surface EMG (electromyography, non-invasive) we can adjust your fit while we watch your muscles activity change with fit modifications. We are the ONLY bike fit professionals in the state of Texas using this technology.  

What to Expect

Our fits are 90 mins and include an EMG eval on and off the bike as well as adjustments to your set up as needed. You will leave having more use of large muscle groups and primary movers yielding more power at less expense. Get ready to drop your buddies. 

Cost $150

All of our appointments require prepayment. Use the link to the left to pay, then we will contact you and get you on the books!