"I learned quite a lot about my max heart rate, training zones, and the infamous anaerobic threshold. Armed with this data, I’m excited about attaining some improved race times. I highly recommend taking a peak VO2 test with Peak Fitness."
 - Paul Baltutis

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Using your Anaerobic Threshold to Train Smarter

If your training week doesn't follow the 80/20 rule (80% aerobic / 20% anaerobic) you could be sabotaging your progress. The only way to truly know is to get a VO2 test where you can find out when you go anaerobic during exercise. 

Does your training intensity resemble this?

Are you TRAINING too HARD?
Overtraining can strip positive adaptations right out from under you.

Too many hard days can leave you with these symptoms:
• getting slower / diminished power
• moody / grumpy / short temper
• aches that won't go away
• weight gain
• trouble sleeping and relaxing
• elevated resting heart rate
• have a hard time waking in the AM
• frequent illness 

Problems from having a low Anaerobic Threshold

We all try to stay healthy with a helping of cardiovascular exercise. But what if it was doing more harm than good? That's a possibility if you push too much in the red zone. Lowered insulin sensitivity, elevated cortisol, hypertension, and systemic acidosis are all side effects of training in the red to often. Don't fall victim to a low "AT". Get tested and get it right.

With over 500 VO2 tests in the last 10 years, Peak Fitness is your best choice for VO2 testing in San Antonio.