5K to Marathon

From first time 5K to Boston Qualify, we’ve coached it all with a solid history of great success. We remove inefficiency and build a strong base, apply speed and power, then have you race ready! Pick your race, we are goal crushers.

We train our runners using heart rate, power/wattage, pace, and RPE (rate of perceived exertion). With our massive toolbox of tricks in hand, our training is second to none.

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Coaching Details

We tailor each and every workout specifically for each runner. We remove all that isn’t necessary and apply workloads that will have you healthy and ready to crush your goals. TrainingPeaks online training logs provide seamless interaction between coach and athlete.

What You Get

• Unlimited communication access to coach via text, email and phone
• Workouts written on a weekly basis, always based on previous weeks accomplishments
• Detailed plan from Day 1 to Race Day in spreadsheet format
• Strength workouts, basic nutrition, and cross-training included

Cost: $185 / 4 weeks

Once you’ve set up your payment, click the button below to set up or connect your TrainingPeaks online training log.