Recruit More Power

Primary movers by definition MUST move first to maintain joint health and create maximal power. By using surface-EMG technology to study your muscular firing patterns, we can see precisely the order in which your glutes, hams, quads, calves, pecs, lats, etc contract.

Correcting your firing patterns increases overall power, strength, and will help you avoid back and knee issues improving posture as well. Don’t trash your knees through poor motor control. Learn to recruit what you want to train.

The Process

  1. check to see if you can access (fire) your glutes

  2. improve ratio of glute to hamstring fire power

  3. apply corrective exercises and improve range of motion

  4. review deadlift / squat patterns and integrate new firing patterns

Improving your lifts

  • more power through improved glute utilzation

  • less strain on the knee by empowering the hip

  • less soreness and ability to increase workload volume


Cost: $150 for initial eval | $100 for follow up appointments