Young Athlete Development

Creating and managing the ideal program for the budding athlete can be challenging as a parent. Young athletes can easily become overtrained yet still miss out on key performance building training cycles. We are here to help the Parent and act as an advisor, counselor, and coach and will oversee everything your young athlete does.

With over 20 years of field experience, we will help you navigate as your very own Project Manager of Performance.

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This is a advisory and counseling relationship which requires heavy input from the Parent(s). We will create an annual plan to work from, schedule work and rest cycles, as well as focus on all aspects that affect your young athlete. Educating you as a Parent is our first and foremost goal. TrainingPeaks online training logs provide seamless interaction between coach and athlete.

What You Get

• Unlimited communication access to coach via text, email and phone
• Workouts reviewed on a weekly basis, providing feedback and adjustments as needed
• Detailed annual plan in spreadsheet format
• Complimentary workouts, basic nutrition, and cross-training as needed