ACL Injury Prevention

ACL ruptures are one of the more common injuries in soccer players. They not only sideline you but also may require surgery to get you back to the playing field.

Weak glutes and inability to create a stabilized femur will result in knee instability and can lead to an ACL non-impact rupture. Luckily we can fix this and keep all of our soccer players proactively avoiding the above scenario.

The Process

  1. EMG study of glute/hamstring relationship, determine dominance

  2. improve glute to hamstring muscle recruitment ratio

  3. apply corrective exercises and integrate new firing patterns

Decrease Risk for ACL Ruptures

  • Improve control of femur through glute awareness and coordination

  • Lower risk of knee stress through hip-dominance patterning

  • Become quicker on the field with increased efficiency

ACL and EMG Studies

Kinematics and Electromyography of Landing Preparation in Vertical Stop-Jump: Risks for Non-contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

The effects of gender on quadriceps muscle activation strategies during a maneuver that mimics a high ACL injury risk position


Cost: $150 for initial eval | $100 for follow up appointments