A New Approach to Running Gait

By using surface-EMG technology to study your muscular firing patterns, we can quickly find the source of dysfunction and apply the proper remedy. We also review your current running form via slow-motion video and provide feedback along with corrective exercises that will have you running more efficiently as soon as you leave the clinic.

The Process

  1. check to see if you can access (fire) your glutes

  2. improve ratio of glute to hamstring fire power

  3. apply corrective exercises and integrate new firing patterns

  4. measure running gait angles: peak hip extension, initial impact, trunk angle

Improve Speed and Alleviate Symptoms

  • Relieve IT band syndrome, knee, hip and low back pain

  • Ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, piriformis pain

  • Become faster through increased muscle involvement and efficiency

  • Decreased soreness due to using improved running form


Cost: $150 for initial eval | $100 for follow up appointments