Cruising ridgelines in the Sangre de Christo

Cruising ridgelines in the Sangre de Christo

I was 17 and got my first mountain bike. It was the late 80's and they were still more like road bikes with fat tires. We threw ourselves at the local hills in search of adventure and new skills. Quickly I realized how my riding was limited by my fitness, which meant my lack of ability to perform was dampening my fun on the trails. That was the first time in my life where something I loved doing was going to require focus and discipline in order to improve. No longer could I wing it.

Before the internet, information on training and performance was limited to a few books that read more like college textbooks and rarely provided the novice insight to improving. Insert a cool path for college and there you have it.

In my 20's I ran trails to train for the bike and Colorado climbing trips. Running started taking hold and the passion grew into longer runs leading to an intro to ultras in my early 30's. Nutrition curiosity stemmed from there as dialing diet in was needed to do more miles and stay healthy.

"Joe is not just any coach.  He is an Artist at building the human machine.  He has molded my body into something I wasn't capable of seeing.  He built a plan based on a vision of me, not someone else or the generic athlete.   My development and growth as an athlete is far beyond any of my original expectation.  I went from getting dropped on group rides, to "uh oh, John showed up today".   All it took was a willingness to trust in Joe.  Anybody can pick up a brush, but that doesn't make you a great artist." 
 - John Spencer, cyclist, runner, family man

I have an extreme passion for helping others reach their personal best and finding hidden potential in every individual as well as a genuine excitement for others accomplishments. These attributes allow me to dig deep into the specific needs of athletes and create specific programs that deliver efficient and effective results

I have been immersed in the fitness industry since 1997. After graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, I have worked with high-risk health issues in a hospital based facility as well as coached beginner through elite level athletes. I specialize in helping individuals find their way to a healthy and balanced life. From ultra-marathon strength and endurance to simple and easy to follow nutritional programs, I thrive on helping others reach their goals. Let me know if I can be of help!