Peak Fitness Run Coaching

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Weekly Workouts Personalized JUST for YOU

You will receive a Training Peaks training log which you will use to view your workouts, upload training data and review your progress. 

We make sense out of hectic life schedules and provide efficient training plans that maximize your time spent training.

Different Levels for Different Goals

From 5K to 100 miles in the mountains, everyone's goals and needs are different. 
Contact us to find the perfect coaching level and pricing. 

Our online run coaching gives you the ability to attack 5k through 100 milers, run your first marathon, qualify for Boston, or become a better runner with no goal other than that! Read our reviews

How is OUR Coaching Different?
Every coach has their own methods. Ours are tried and true and have proven extremely effective in helping athletes reach their goals. 

  1. zero drop and drag - every athlete gets a personalized program, we don't do "cookie cutter"
  2. science-based training principles are always adhered to, we never "wing-it
  3. every athlete has different needs, from dialing in poor nutrition to handling stress, we address things that keep you from doing your best