San Antonio Running Gait Specialists

Using the latest technology and 3-step process we create fully integrated athletes. We first evaluate your muscle firing abilities and patterns. Then we look at how your movements affect those patterns. Last we clean up faulty movements and retrain your brain to fire powerfully and effectively. We are the only clinic in San Antonio providing EMG-based running gait evaluations. 

Measure to Manage

By assessing your stride phases, measuring joint angles, and studying slow motion video, we provide a detailed analysis and details on how to improve your running efficiency. 

kicking injury to the curb with refined form and instant feedback

a quick EMG study will show how you're wired

measuring angles and comparing firing patterns

glutes as primary movers, quads and hams secondary 

What to Expect

Our initial evaluation is 90 mins in length and include key running form mechanics such as initial impact, knee flexion and peak hip extension. Slow motion video capture of running form and analyzation of biomechanics may also be incorporated as needed. Follow up evals are 60 mins.

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