Mitigating Migraines

Carrie has had such amazing success, it's been incredible to watch! I thought it would be great to share her story so others with migraines may experience hope and inspiration. I hope you enjoy! 


Why did you seek  Joe's professional help?
I was tired of missing half my life because of health issues and felt that this was one thing I had not tried yet, diet and exercise.

What was the biggest health concern you had at the time?
My biggest concern was migraine headaches that completely debilitated me.  I knew that I needed to exercise to get my blood pressure and weight down, but the migraines would not allow me to do anything.  I was also terrified to exercise due to back surgery 3 years ago.  It was a vicious cycle, one step forward and five steps back.  I also was dealing with a very unsettled stomach every time I ate or thought about eating.  

How long were you not feeling well?
I have been suffering with one thing or another for 2-3 years.  

Did you have days where you just couldn't function?
I have had months where I felt that I couldn't function.  I would go from staying in bed for 3-4 days, half way living for 4-5 days and back in bed.  

How did you and Joe first decide to approach the issues?
I remember the first phone call very clearly.  After a long conversation with Joe and hearing what he thought some of the problems could be, I began to feel hopeful for the first time in months, if not years.  My most urgent medical issue was my migraines so we decided to start working on that problem.  We first decided that I needed to change my eating habits to help heal my gut.  Apparently back surgery and tons of meds in 2012 damaged my gut, and that was a possibility for why my migraines started soon after.  We decided that I would eat a grain-free and dairy-free diet and take a probiotic.  I ate mostly greens for a week and slowly added more to my diet; however, I stayed away from grain and dairy.  After a few weeks, we would also start a very slow exercise program but monitor my heart rate due to exercise-induced migraines.  This would help my to strengthen my core and improve my blood pressure. 

How quickly did you start to see results?
I saw results almost immediately.  I was accustomed to daily headaches and weekly migraines.  After changing my diet, I noticed that the daily headaches disappeared.  That first week, I did have a migraine, but it wasn't as severe.  After the second week, I was migraine and headache free and had more energy.  Also, the weight just started falling off.  I felt like I was losing a pound a day.  

Did this change any prescription medications you were taking?
 Just a few weeks after starting this new lifestyle, I was able to make an appointment with my neurologist.  Since I had only 1 migraine in a month and no headaches, we decided to reduce my migraine preventative in half.  This is a huge accomplishment because that medication has severe neurological side effects.  My blood pressure is on the low side now with medication.  Hopefully soon I will be able to cut back on that dosage. 

How are you feeling 8 weeks into the program?
I feel amazing! I have had only 2 migraines since changing everything, which was immediately after starting and after reducing medications (one was due to .  That is a huge difference from weekly migraines.  I have lost almost 30lbs. and have more energy than I could have imagined.  I sleep so much better at night and look forward to each day, rather than dreading what could happen.   I am not fearful of eating and how my stomach will handle it.  After 8 weeks, I can tell that corn causes mild headaches and gluten/wheat causes stomach issues.  Even though I check all labels, sometimes things slip through the cracks.  This has allowed me to determine what I am sensitive to and how it will affect me.  I feel stronger (physically and emotionally).  

Where do you see yourself in a year from now? 
I feel that I have made so much progress in just 8 weeks that a year from now feels like I can accomplish anything.  If you asked me that a year ago, my one year goal would have been to have only 1 or 2 migraines a month and to lose 30lbs.  After 8 weeks, I have already reached that goal.  My new goal is to be happy, healthy, and stronger.  I hope to get off of all medications (blood pressure, migraine preventative, sleeping aid, and anxiety).  I hope to  strengthen and tone my body through safe, structured exercises.  Last and most importantly for me, I want to be migraine and headache-free.  I want to wake up without fear of getting one.  Getting rid of the fear will probably be the hardest and longest thing to accomplish, but I am already headed in that direction.  

What would you like to tell others who suffer from similar issues?
I would like to tell others to not give up hope.  When I decided to see Joe, I told myself to give it a chance and that I had nothing to lose but weight.  I didn't have much hope that it would make a difference.  I have proven myself wrong.  Never give up hope!  If you have reason enough to make a change in your lifestyle, it is very easy to continue with it.  Every time I look at something I shouldn't eat but want, I ask myself "Is the risk of waking up with a migraine worth the few seconds of gratification that bite will give me?"  The answer is always no.  I would also tell others to stop treating the symptoms (migraines) and start looking for the cause of these symptoms (gut).  I was told that migraines just happen, and I needed to treat and prevent them.  Now I know that they are a symptom of my problematic gut.  I can treat my gut and get rid of the symptoms.   

Thanks for reading,