Building Cycling Power: Part 1

Experimenting in the gym has been fun and extremely rewarding. We went in the gym for 8 weeks and had amzing results. This is part 1 of a 3 part series, I hope you enjoy and reach out if you have questions.

The Process

We headed into the gym twice weekly for 8 weeks and followed a specific program aimed at increasing power output on the bike. During the 8 weeks there were no efforts on the bike that exceeded zone 2. Long rides ranged from 3-6 hours once a week. Total weekly volume was between 8-12 hours. 

  • gym time: 2 times weekly
  • ride effort: zone 2 max
  • long rides: 3-6 hours
  • weekly ride duration: 8-12 hours

The Results

The graph speaks for itself. Remember this is with zero conditioning for 8 weeks outside of zone 2 efforts and lifting weights in the gym.


Take Home

The message here is weights work. If done properly, you can make HUGE gains in the gym that transfer directly to the bike. If weights haven't worked in the past, you may have been using the wrong approach. 

Contact us if you want your graph to look like the one above. 

Happy training!